Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sin of the day: SLOTH

I have not been able to run on a regular basis for about 3 months now. Surprise, surprise, I have "runner's knee." Every now and again, my knee will buckle, my calf will cramp up and my hamstrings feel too tight. So, what's a non-runner supposed to do? Load up on potassium to reduce cramping...from RUNNING...hahaha. What better way to get your potassium than to eat bananas?
Of course, this is a baker's blog, so I don't "just eat bananas". I pretend that I am going to be "good" by buying them at the market (whilst wearing my cute running gear). I put them in the kitchen, say that I'm gonna eat them for a wee snack to get healthy, and forget to eat them EVERY DAY for about 5 days. THEN I realize, "holy crap!!!" those bananas are REAAAAALLLY ripe. Ripe Bananas = LOTS OF SUGARY GOODNESS. In other words, I decided to bake some banana bread.
So, today's sin is SLOTH. I don't do anything to these bananas for 5 days (I just let them over ripen so they can have about 3 times as much natural sugar as they do when people usually eat them). Then I use them for my evil purpose of baking the most SINFUL banana bread you could ever, drink and be merry, my fellow sinners!

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