Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sin of the day: SLOTH

I have not been able to run on a regular basis for about 3 months now. Surprise, surprise, I have "runner's knee." Every now and again, my knee will buckle, my calf will cramp up and my hamstrings feel too tight. So, what's a non-runner supposed to do? Load up on potassium to reduce cramping...from RUNNING...hahaha. What better way to get your potassium than to eat bananas?
Of course, this is a baker's blog, so I don't "just eat bananas". I pretend that I am going to be "good" by buying them at the market (whilst wearing my cute running gear). I put them in the kitchen, say that I'm gonna eat them for a wee snack to get healthy, and forget to eat them EVERY DAY for about 5 days. THEN I realize, "holy crap!!!" those bananas are REAAAAALLLY ripe. Ripe Bananas = LOTS OF SUGARY GOODNESS. In other words, I decided to bake some banana bread.
So, today's sin is SLOTH. I don't do anything to these bananas for 5 days (I just let them over ripen so they can have about 3 times as much natural sugar as they do when people usually eat them). Then I use them for my evil purpose of baking the most SINFUL banana bread you could ever, drink and be merry, my fellow sinners!

Friday, February 25, 2011

In The Beginning...

there was cake and it was good. Life is fun. Go out and make a mess! The kitchen can always get cleaned up at the end of it all. And remember, some of life's greatest mistakes & biggest disappointments can be the tastiest...just turn them into a recipe and eat your sins away!